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☼ bunny baby ☼

☼ bunny baby 

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Claudia! hey cutie just wondering if you have any kind of beachy/preppyish designs?


And there should be lots more if you keep scrolling down in the “casual" tag!

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yooo, i’m currently in arizona which is why i haven’t been that active! I’ll be heading to vancouver and then seattle as well so if you see a chick with blue hair that’s probs me. Anyways, I won’t be as active until i get home but i still check messages daily and may post a bit when i can! 

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do you go to Gonzaga High? I believe ive seen you in my school c: i might be mistaken

doug ledrew, go vikings

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just so you know, hoodies aren't just for men. ;3

haha, I know! People often send me asks about having more “boy” related fashions so I have a tag for those people, it’s just an easier way for them to find what they’re looking for!

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whats the shirt your sidebar img is wearing? ovo
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do you know of anything that looks kind of like the denim vest that Shep wears? Thanks.

I haven’t really seen anything that’s similar (besides denim vests and dresses) but you can buy the denim vest that Shep wears at the Able Sisters

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Hoodies - Regular - Variety of colors (set 2)

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Hoodies - Regular - Variety of colors (set 1)