My favorite blue jumper inspired by this dress! My Mayor, Bramble, wears the pink shirt all the time <3


One last one tonight, because I love you all! The same jumper but in PINK! It even has little hearts on the bum! Does it get better than that?

By Bramble

hi homies!!! just posting this again because we changed the name of our little shop thing or whatever you’d like to call it. once again so sorry for posting stuff that isn’t blog related but we’re so eager to get noticed and all that jazz so if you like crafts and diy go check us out at our instagram, tomodachi creations! and thanks so much to those who have supported us thus far!

there i am lol

I've had AC:NL for about a month now and I was wondering how people can have so many patterns in their towns using the QR codes displayed at once but you can only hold up to 10 patterns, do you get a bigger fabric pouch at some point and if so how?

People make other characters to hold designs!

by MRK